All you need to know about our milk formula

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All you need to know about our milk formula

We almost never give away our trade secrets, but exceptions are made for curious mums like you. In this article, you will learn how the nutrient-rich milk from our farms transforms into quality infant formula.

Our milk
The basic ingredient in good infant formula is good milk. But there’s nothing basic about it. Our farmers let our cows lead a lifestyle as nature would have it – a diet of wholesome foods and the freedom to be milked whenever they like – so they can create naturally nutritious milk.
We know every cow by her name because each one is individually tagged, so we can easily monitor her health and track the quality of her milk.
Our formula
To maintain the high quality of our milk between the farm and the factory, our milk is kept at under 4°C. Once it arrives at the factory, we blend it with fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. The wet mix is then pasteurised to eliminate harmful bacteria, concentrated, spray-dried to yield the powdered product, and dry-blended with nutritional compounds such as GOS, DHA, and nucleotides to form different formulas for different stages.
We believe in being gentle with your child. 
Friso LockNutriĀ® Technology preserves nutrient close to its natural structure, so it is easy to digest.
Our packaging
The only way to pass on the quality infant formula we create in our factory to your child is through a packaging process that complies with the most stringent hygiene laws. Every Friso can is 100% produced and packed in The Netherlands, locking in goodness in one unbroken chain before it reaches your nearest store.
Hygiene continues at home with our Friso Protection Lid, thoughtfully designed with a tight seal to protect the formula and a hygienic spoon holder so you never have to reach into the powder. It even comes with a handy leveller, so you can remove excess formula powder for accurate servings every time.

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